Additional Living Expenses

Additional Living Expenses

One thing that insurance companies never tell you when purchasing your policy are the Additional Living Expenses or (ALE).

ALE is included in most policies, however it’s not paid right off the bat.  Most incidents happen after hours – meaning most insurance companies will have you wait until the following business day to speak with an adjuster to go over coverages.

We understand how difficult that can be as so – we are offering An Additional Living Expense Coverage for everyone.  If  you are out of a home, condo, or business, we will do everything we can to find you suitable living accommodations AND even pay for your first few nights away.

No accommodations available? No worries… we have a state of the art camper available 24/7 in case of emergencies equipped with a full kitchen, bathroom, dining, and accommodations for a family.

Additional Living Expenses

Average Hotel Room per Night - $200.00.
Cost of Initial Supplies after a Fire $200.00
Cost of your worry with us - 0$.

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