How are we Paid?

How are we Paid?

Simple.. We go through your insurance company.  As of 2020 we work and partner with every insurance company to provide you exceptional service.

This means, we won’t collect any money from you at the scene of the fire.  We also won’t hound you for money or ask you to pay for any upfront fees (property deductibles excluded).

We are licensed insurance adjusters so we are here to help walk you through the claims process and file your claim.  We’re also there for you every step of the way.  With lower overhead costs – that means we pass the savings onto you.  We provide our services for 1/2 of that of our competition and that passes the savings right back to you.

We are paid directly from your insurance company (in some instanced, your insurance may cut the homeowner a check which we will in return collect from  you).

What happens if something is not covered? How do i know if it’s Covered?

Simple – ask us. We will most likely know as we read and interpret insurance policies daily.  If something is not covered or god forbid your insurance company cancelled your policy – you still need help.  With lower overhead costs it means our services are affordable and we offer monthly payment plans.  (Please note, we are not a bank and we offer payment plans as a courtesy to our customers. Not everyone will be eligible).

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